What is teeth whitening?

In Mobile, Alabama, teeth whitening is one of our most popular and effective cosmetic treatments. That is because teeth whitening can improve your smile dramatically with minimal effort and stress. Teeth whitening aims to reverse unsightly discoloration and stains to improve the color of your tooth enamel and enhance the beauty of your natural smile.


What causes stains on teeth?

Over time, teeth naturally become discolored. Certain lifestyle and eating habits can also contribute to damage to your tooth enamel. Some of the most common causes of staining and darkening include:


  • Age
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Coffee, wine, tea, and dark-colored sodas
  • Sugary and acidic foods
  • Certain medications, such as tetracycline
  • Old dental fillings and crowns, especially those made of metal
  • Poor oral hygiene


No matter how your tooth enamel has become stained or discolored, we have a solution that will whiten and brighten your smile.


How do I whiten my teeth?

Our dental team is skilled in providing a wide variety of teeth whitening options. At Musial Dental Center, we specialize in laser teeth whitening. By using high-powered lasers, we are able to activate our whitening gels to optimal power and effectiveness for stunning, pain-free results in half the time. For your convenience, we also provide custom-made, at-home whitening trays so you can take full control of whitening your teeth at home. We will determine which method will work best for your smile during your cosmetic consultation. To schedule this appointment, we encourage you to contact our dental office today. We are excited to give you a reason to smile again.