What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a special treatment used to reshape your gumline in order to expose more of your tooth. Crown lengthening may be suggested for both restorative and cosmetic reasons. If teeth appear unusually short, sometimes referred to as a “gummy” smile, crown lengthening can improve the shape and size of your natural tooth, which is simply hidden by your gums. Sometimes excess gum tissue can also make it hard to properly clean and care for your smile. The gums are brought back to ensure you are able to take care of your smile properly. If not enough of the tooth is exposed, it can make it difficult to implement a filling or crown as well.


Is crown lengthening painful?

While crown lengthening is a surgical treatment, we take great measures to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Crown lengthening in Mobile, Alabama is performed under local anesthesia, which completely numbs your gums and the surrounding area. Dr. Valerie H. Musial, our compassionate dentist, is trained and skilled in crown lengthening and will handle your treatment with care. We will also provide thorough instructions to guide you through the healing process. We want you to have a positive experience each time you visit our office. To learn more about crown lengthening, we invite you to contact Musial Dental Center today. We look forward to hearing from you!