What are dental implants?

Dental implants are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth. This is because dental implants in Mobile, Alabama replace the entire tooth, from root to cusp, offering unsurpassed strength and durability. Performed by an oral surgeon, dental implants consist of a small titanium post surgically placed into your jawbone to hold your dental restoration. Dental implants offer our patients the opportunity to regain normal function of the tooth. If a dental implant can be placed, it is often the treatment of choice for missing teeth.


What are dental implant restorations?

At Musial Dental Center, we work closely with your oral surgeon to create the dental restoration placed on top of the metal posts. Dental implants can be completed with a dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures. Dr. Valerie H. Musial, our talented dentist, creates custom-made dental implant restorations that are designed to restore the health, appearance, and function of your smile. We understand the impact of losing a tooth and work hard to restore your beautiful smile. If you are missing one or more teeth and are interested in learning more about dental implants, we encourage you to call our dental office today. We are excited to give you a reason to smile again!